Nashville Award winning Country Rock artist.  

When you meet Johnny Rodes, you are struck by the polite power in his voice and manner. Here's a man who could kick your butt up and down Music Row physically and musically, but he is too much of a (Southern) (Country) gentleman for that. He waits until he is onstage to unleash the fury through his high-energy performances. You watch, and you listen to the music, and you are reminded that the outlaw is there, riding shotgun all the time. You are breathing the same intoxicating air as that rule-breaking rebel, JOHNNY RODES. 
Going from Southern Rock to Country Rock seamlessly, Johnny Rodes has perfected his craft with over 300 songs to his credit. 
JROB is based in Nashville, TN and has fans all over the world.  
The Electric Ballroom calls Johnny Rodes “ The Ultimate Entertainer” 

Johnny Rodes, An Award winning Nashville recording artist brings a fresh unique sound to country music which some have compared to Johnny Cash and John Lennon which only begins to tell the story of this prolific songwriter and performer.  

With over 300 songs to his credit , Johnny Rodes has perfected the art of writing hit songs with catchy hooks and well thought out lyrics.  

Johnny began his career on the west coast in California and moved to Nashville in 2001. When arriving in Nashville Johnny Rodes filmed one of the most expensive music videos ever done by an indie artist titled 28 Miles To Go which told a story of a confederate town who fought to defend their way of life against overwhelming odds.  

With 4 song writing awards, Johnny Rodes proved to the Nashville music crowd that he was a pro at his craft and a force to be reckoned with.  

He missed over 6 yrs during 2007 and 2013 due to serious health issues that nearly took his life on a number of occasions including a coma that seemed to give him a unique insight into the view of life. You can take any event 
in life and turn it into a positive if you keep your eyes on the prize.  

2015 brought Johnny Rodes back to the front of the music world with his break through song "I'll Take You To Eden", which won Song of the Year in Southern Rock at the Nashville Awards for The Josie Show, a syndicated radio show.  

Preparing for his 2019 USA tour is under way and his exceptional talent at performing and writing is showcased as he prepares to take his band , the Johnny Rodes Outlaw Band across the country.  

Johnny plays guitar, piano and is the lead vocals in what critics call the sound of our modern generation. Watch a show and become a fan for life as the Outlaw of country music wins fans with his incredible talent.  

Dont miss seeing what clubs call The Ultimate Performer and The New Man is Black 

 There are many more such albums to come from this man bursting with talent. He has written such a vast catalog of quality songs, Bob Dylan might be calling one day soon to ask,  
"How many, Rodes"?  
The JROB show will be heading across the USA starting in 2016. 
Johnny makes music the old-fashioned way... he (earns) (learns) (lives) it!  

 Johnny Rodes performances have been called Powerful, Rebellious and Refreshing... Johnny Rodes also was an official nominee for the 2005 Best Practices In Global Health award for his humanitarian work with sick kids. 

With influences such as John Lennon, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Guns and Roses,, Kid Rock, Eagles and Bad Company....Johnny has a unique sound that crashes through the music city walls... 
Like Kid Rock says.." If its real, you'll feel it" ..So I try to write songs that I feel and hopefully in turn will translate to the audience feeling it." 
Johnny Rodes. 
Theres a storm coming....The Johnny Rodes Outlaw Band  


“Johnny Rodes is one of the top emerging artists!” 
— After Midnight with Blair Gainer 

“Johnny Rodes is the new man in black!” 
— Country Music Weekly 

“Johnny Rodes is heading straight to the top. He heats up our club everytime he shows up here! ” 
— Tubbys Country Club 

“Johnny Rodes is the Ultimate Entertainer” 
— Electric Ballroom